About Us

About Us

We love to travel the world. From busy cities to exploring the hidden corners that you haven't heard about. We want to make it all possible and make the entire journey efficient and fun.

We are an innovative travel platform that helps travelers get personalized plans, local travel information and assist them throughout their journey. Our team works hard every day to create the best experience possible for travelers so that they get the best out of their trip.

With Exploreocity all you have to do is tell it where you want to go, when and what are your preferences and in seconds, you’ll have your detailed personalized plan which you could modify, share and collaborate with fellow travelers. You can also carry this plan with you on your trip and it will assist you throughout your travel journey.

Exploreocity brings together information from various sources and compiles them in a neat way for you. Once you enter your travel information our smart AI algorithm, in seconds, provides you with the most personalized plan by sorting through millions of possibilities. It also provides you a quick and easy system to book flights, hotels, activities, in-destination transport and many other travel services based on your plan.

Our vision is to be the worldwide travel companion by building an infrastructure to make travel quick, efficient and fun.

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