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Istanbul, a beautiful ancient city in Turkey, is a mixture of both east and west. Istanbul is strategically located in the middle of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and thus, is a multicultural city. Istanbul has cultural connections to ancient Roman, Greek, Persian, Byzantine and Ottoman empires and the physical remains of these empires are an architectural marvel. Due to the vast cultural diversity, tourists from the east and the west are drawn to Istanbul. Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosporus, Topkapi Palace and many other monuments showcase the life of Istanbul during the reign of each empire. Food plays an important role in Istanbul and the local delicacies are a must try. Feast yourself with succulent kebabs, mezze platters, sea food and wash it down with a glass of raki, the national drink of Turkey. Go on a shopping spree at the Grand Bazaar and shop for local Turkey products. Plan a trip to Istanbul and enjoy your next vacation at this culturally diverse town.

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The Blue Mosque
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İstanbul University
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city wall
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Grand Bazaar
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Topkapı Palace
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Haydarpaşa Terminal
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Galata Tower
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Süleymaniye Mosque
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Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar
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